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Deputy Prime Minister - Vuong Dinh Hue: Promoting the potential and advantages of Nghe An province for socio-economic development
Tin đăng ngày: 15/6/2019 - Xem: 3748

Speaking at the Conference "Meeting between Nghe An and Japan: Cooperation and Development", Deputy Prime Minister - Vuong Dinh Hue emphasized: The conference is an opportunity to meet, exchange and unify the measures to promote economic cooperation, trade, agriculture, education and training, cultural exchange between Nghe An with Japanese governments, partners and enterprises; contributing to deepening the comprehensive and deep strategic partnership relations between Vietnam and Japan.


Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue spoke at the conference

Resolution No. 26 is a valuable asset of Nghe An province.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized: Nghe An is the only province that has been issued a separate Resolution by the Politburo (Resolution No. 26-NQ / TW dated July 30, 2013 on directions and tasks of development Nghe An province until 2020). At the 5-year preliminary meeting of the Resolution, the Politburo agreed to allow the implementation of the resolution to be extended to 2023. The decision of the Politburo to issue a separate Resolution for Nghe An province demonstrates Nghe An's strategic position in both politics, defense, security, economy, society and health education. "Resolution 26 is a precious asset of Nghe An province" - Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue affirmed.

In Resolution 26, the Politburo identified 3 growth poles of the province, namely: Vinh City is to become an economic and cultural center of the North Central region; Cua Lo town is a coastal city, developing sea tourism; Western Nghe An develops agriculture and high-tech agriculture.

The Deputy Prime Minister said at the conference that Nghe An has not introduced some important contents: Nghe An has hired international consultants to plan long-term socio-economic advice; Nghe An has developed a plan to develop Vinh - Cua Lo as planning of a development axis with a vision of 100 years and long term. The Central Government also allowed Nghe An to develop a plan to develop Kim Lien Relic Area, to build Nam Dan district to become a model NTM district, making Nam Dan become a spiritual tourism center. In particular, in the near future, a North-South high-speed railway, a North-South expressway and a coastal route will be built to complete the provincial infrastructure system.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, "To have an eagle, there must be a large nest." Currently the eagle group of Nghe An is quite big, Nghe An has large industrial zones. "We have opportunities and conditions" - Deputy Prime Minister hoped that after this conference, businesses and investors will have specific policies to invest in Nghe An.

Creating favorable conditions for investors

The Deputy Prime Minister spoke that to development Nghe An province, leaders and authorities of Nghe An province should act strongly, drastically directing all levels and sectors of the province to develop specific policies and solutions to strongly promote the relationship between Nghe An and Japan from foreign relations to attract investment, trade and tourism. Especially, it is necessary to continue to strongly improve the investment and business environment in favorable direction, administrative reforms at all levels, with mechanisms to attract resources, implement economic restructuring and transformation. In-depth growth model to create the best conditions for foreign enterprises, including Japanese enterprises to invest and do business in Nghe An

At the same time, develop more consulting services and services for businesses. Publicize land planning and enhance the ability to receive land for businesses. Besides, it is necessary to be more active and innovative to introduce and promote the potential of cooperation and business in our localities; At the same time, learn to better meet the requirements and expectations of Japanese partners and investors.

With that, the province needs to promote good internal resources, maximizing the advantages and potentials of the locality, promoting links between the two sides through strengthening cooperation on ODA, trade and investment. In addition to the fields of cooperation that the two sides have implemented, it is necessary to study and develop a medium-term and long-term strategy to develop cooperation in other potential fields that have not been explored.

The Deputy Prime Minister also asked the province to coordinate with the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam to organize the annual meeting "Meeting between Nghe An province and Japan: Cooperation and Development". The Government is willing to do its best to cultivate the cooperation between Nghe An and Japan in particular and Vietnam and Japan in general.


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